Info for Photographers

Wellington Cosplay Photo Fest (WCPF) aims to bring together the cosplay and photography communities in Wellington to create some incredible artwork. Although the event is currently small, we hope to expand in years to come.

As a photographer attending WCPF 2020 you can expect:

  • A minimum of four photoshoots with different cosplayers during the event (you are of course welcome to organise additional shoots with participating models throughout the weekend)*. While we will assign shoot matches, it is up to the individuals involved to organise the shoot itself, including timing and location.

*  You will have the opportunity to indicate your preferred model/costume style, and while we will make every effort to accommodate this, we’ll have to strike a balance for all participants. Please be aware that not every assigned shoot may be your first choice, however the aim of this event is to forge new connections and opportunities – think of it as a good opportunity to step outside your comfort zone!

Some things to remember…

  • Not everyone you work with at the event will be experienced; please be patient with newcomers and treat everyone with respect.
  • Shooting cosplayers is a little different than shooting fashion or glamour – it’s very character driven, and getting an idea of the character before the shoot is a must. Models, remember to communicate clearly to your photographer what mood/personality you are conveying.
  • All participants are encouraged to put their own safety first and foremost – bring a chaperone or friend to a shoot if you like (this goes for both models and photographers), just give the other party a heads up! Especially if they’re driving you somewhere!
  • If you have realistic military gear or prop weapons, we strongly advise against a public location for your shoot. WCPF takes no responsibility for any mishaps involving members of the public mistaking prop weapons for real ones – there’s no reason you can’t get amazing photos, but please consider carefully the impression you give to people who are not involved in the event and have no way of knowing your intentions.
  • Assigned shoots take priority, and those who neglect their assignments will not be invited to participate in future events. However, if you don’t contact your assigned partners promptly to organise your shoots, it’s not reasonable to expect them to delay arranging anything else in the meantime.
  • Although the organisers are facilitating shoot partners as a starting point, it is literally not possible for us to organise everything for you. You will have to contact your partners and schedule your own shoots/find your own locations, we strongly recommend contacting people early if you have any restrictions or specific requirements!
  • Wellington is a relatively small city that’s really poorly laid out – if you have to travel a lot between shoots, make sure you have enough time.
  • No means no. If a shoot partner declines a location or shoot concept, don’t push. The point of this event is to work with new people, and if they’re uncomfortable before the shoot even starts, it’s all downhill from there.
  • Communicate with your partners – be courteous, and if you’re having trouble with scheduling or logistics, tell them.
  • Beyond the registration fee, you are not expected to pay anything to take part in the event – however if you wish to hire a shoot location, go for it! Just remember to consult your shoot partner before you spring a bill on them.
  • This is a collaborative event, with both photographer and model expected to provide input – please don’t view it as just a “free shoot” and railroad your parter into your own creative vision without consultation.
  • There are studio spaces in Wellington available for hire, however many photographers operate out of whatever space they can find – if a photographer you don’t know invites you to shoot at their house, don’t freak out! Sometimes it’s just the most convenient space to set up a backdrop and lighting gear. Be smart, but shooting at home isn’t necessarily a red flag on its own.
  • Although the organisers take as much care as they can to avoid other events in the region during Photo Fest, there may be other things going on at the same time – be careful when planning your schedule, especially in the summer tourist season in the capital.

Wellington Cosplay Photo Fest is a small event that is run by and for the kiwi cosplay community, and we ask that all images posted to social media after the event use the #cosplayphotofest hashtag so that we can share your images and promote the event and the artists who participate. We also ask that participants submit their photos for sharing on our social media platforms – this is voluntary, but means that we can promote the event online throughout the year.