When: February 6th-9th 2020

Where: Wellington, New Zealand

To contact the organising committee, please email us here.

So what is the event about?

Wellington Cosplay Photo Fest is a multi-day collaborative cosplay photography event currently scheduled for February 2020. Inspired by and modelled after European events such as Pixelmania in Poland and Volta in Cosplay held in Italy, our vision is to connect photographers and cosplayers for a weekend of photo shoots in Wellington, New Zealand.

While the 2020 event will officially run from Waitangi Day on Thursday February 6th through the following weekend, you can shoot as few or as many days as you like – this timeframe is designed to take advantage of the public holiday without impacting normal working hours too much. 

We have a large cosplay community in NZ, and our goal is to include as wide a range of experience levels, costume genres and shooting styles as possible. From beginners to seasoned veterans, anime-centric cosplayers and those dedicated to enormous grimdark armour – everyone is welcome!

How many people will be taking part?

The maximum number of event participants is fluid – at this stage we intend to cap the number of cosplayer/model participants according to the final number of photographers registered. In this way we can ensure a workable photographer:cosplayer ratio and make sure that each participant will be paired with a number of other artists throughout the event.

These pairings will be random and are intended to deliberately mix up skill levels, however the organisers will endeavour to match preferred styles where possible (eg. anime, games, comics, fantasy, etc). You will have the option to indicate your preferred style in your registration form.

Where will the event take place?

The event will be held in Wellington. We will have a central base of operations indoors for participants to mingle and relax between shoots, other amenities (eg backdrops for group use) are yet to be confirmed at this stage. There is a list of suggestions for locations around the city, however it will be up to each participant to arrange their own transport to and from their chosen location.

We will also be hosting drinks at a local bar during the event for participants to meet and greet each other – venue TBC, however please note that this will be an R18 event and this applies to participants AND helpers/assistants.

How many shoots can I do?

As many as you like! The minimum number will be set based on the random pairings for the event (2 for cosplayers, 4 for photographers) however if you wish to shoot more there are no restrictions. We do suggest however that you think carefully about transport, location, logistics and time management in order to ensure that you do not over commit your time and energy.

How do I know someone will want to take my picture?

A set number of shoots will be randomly assigned based on input from each participant. Due to the ratio of photographers to cosplayers the organisers will assign shoots at random to ensure everyone is covered, and all participants are of course welcome to organise additional shoots outside these assignments.

We understand that not every participants’ artistic style will appeal to everyone else, however with this system in place we hope to balance personal taste and style with a healthy dose of new experiences and opportunities for every participant.

Please note that participants who neglect their assigned shoots will not be invited to participate in future events.

Do I have to pay anything to attend the event?

Yes – there is a $20 per head fee to participate in the event and a $10 fee for assistants/helpers. This is to cover inclusion in meet+greet events, badge/grab-bag (if applicable), and administration costs.

ONCE THE FEE IS PAID IT IS NON-REFUNDABLE – registration is transferable at the organisers’ discretion, please notify us in writing if you are unable to attend and have someone who would like to take your place. Note that your replacement will need to be the same category as you – ie, cosplayer/cosplayer or photographer/photographer.

Can I bring a friend?

Not as a model or photographer, unless they have already signed on as such. If you have someone helping with a single shoot and they aren’t taking part in the event beyond this, there is no need to register them as an assistant – however a reduced fee will apply if they are with you all weekend. This goes towards things like event grab-bags, drinks at the afterparty, and general running costs.

It is very important that we know if you’re bringing an assistant so we have a correct idea of numbers for venues and logistics, so please register your helper correctly.

Can I shoot people during the event who are not registered to take part?

We’re not the photography police, and we can’t stop you – however we ask that you please focus on the event and its participants during the weekend. This keeps it fair to people who have registered on time and followed due process for the event.

I don’t live in New Zealand! Can I still take part?

Hell yeah, you can take part! When you complete your registration form please let us know where you’re from, but please note that while we make every effort to give people enough time to make travel arrangements it may be relatively short notice (~3 months or less). This may change if we have a larger than expected number of international applicants though, so please follow our social media feeds for announcements and updates.

I missed registration for the next event! Is there a waitlist?

There is a waitlist – please contact the organisers to be added. Note that this is no guarantee of inclusion, although there are often people who need to drop out of the event we can’t predict when or if this will happen.

Who’s organising this gig?

The central organising committee is half cosplayer, half photographer: Lance Davey/Luminarchy Photography, Matt Reading/Wellington Iron Man and Sylvie Kirkman/Little-Noise Photography/Static Cosplay. Contact the committee here.

Cosplay Photo Fest branding by Jess Woodward – thanks Jess!