When: Feb 4-7 2022

Where: Wellington, New Zealand

Note! Our first priority is always the safety and well-being of our participants. Since Covid-19 has arrived, this has caused a number of changes to the event which will remain in place until it is safe to do otherwise. This includes: ALL participants – including any helpers, drivers, assistants, or chaperones needing to be registered for contact tracing purposes, masks will be mandatory for photographers and all participants not being photographed at the time, and there will be no large gatherings or venues organised by the event. Please see below for further details about the event, and contact the organising committee with any questions here.

So what is the event about?

Wellington Cosplay Photo Fest is a multi-day collaborative cosplay photography event designed to bring together cosplayers and photographers of all skill levels for a weekend of photo shoots. Each participant is assigned a number of random pairings to ensure all participants have a minimum number of shoots booked, and to allow newcomers to work with more experienced artists. These assigned shoots are only a minimum – we encourage all participants to organise as many other shoots during the event as they wish to take advantage of the talent gathered in one place for the weekend!

Note: as mentioned above, please keep a very careful record of who you work with during the event for contact tracing purposes! This includes assistants, helpers, chaperones, etc. Please also be mindful of your own health, and if you are sick, STAY HOME. 

We have a large cosplay community in NZ, and our goal is to include as wide a range of experience levels, costume genres and shooting styles as possible. From beginners to seasoned veterans, anime cosplayers and those dedicated to enormous grimdark armour – everyone is welcome!

How Does this Work?

Each participant will be assigned a minimum number of shoots for the weekend – this is to ensure all participants start off on the same footing, and to encourage people to work with new artists.

These pairings are random and are intended to deliberately mix up skill levels and styles. These random assignments are mandatory, and must take priority over any other shoots booked throughout the event. If you cannot work with another participant for any reason, please let us know – we will accommodate this where possible.

How many people will be taking part?

The maximum number of participants is currently 100. Due to New Zealand’s Covid-19 alert levels, this may need to be lowered at a later date.

Where will the event take place?

The event will be held in Wellington. There is a list of suggestions for locations around the city here, however it will be up to each participant to arrange their own transport to and from their chosen location and to organise with their shoot partners where they will be shooting.

How many shoots can I do?

As many as you like! The minimum number will be set based on the random assignments for the event however if you wish to shoot more there are no restrictions. We do suggest however that you think carefully about transport, location, logistics and time management in order to ensure that you do not over commit your time and energy. It is up to you to contact other participants and organise additional shoots, please use the participants Facebook group as a point of contact and directory.

How do I know someone will want to take my picture?

This is why we have random assignments! A certain number of shoots will be randomly assigned to each participant and must take priority over other shoots booked throughout the weekend – we aim to assign each photographer 2 shoots and each cosplayer 1 shoots though this is subject to change depending how many people register in each category. All participants are of course welcome to organise additional shoots outside these assignments.

We understand that not every participants’ artistic style will appeal to everyone else, however with this system in place we hope to balance personal taste and style with a healthy dose of new experiences and opportunities for every participant. Even if your assignments are not to your personal taste style-wise, we expect these shoots to be conducted with professionalism and the same effort as would be applied to any other shoot.

If you are absolutely unable to work with a particular individual, please let the organisers know – we will take this into account wherever possible. We want people to work outside the box, not force anybody into a situation where they are unsafe or uncomfortable.

Please note that participants who neglect their assigned shoots will not be invited to participate in future events.

Do I have to pay anything to attend the event?

No. The 2021 event will be free to take part in, with all organisers volunteering their time to facilitate shoot assignments. This is a non profit event, however if you would like to make a koha to help cover ongoing fees such as website hosting, this is appreciated.

Can I charge for my photography during the event?

No. WCPF is a free collaborative event, and we absolutely do not support any pay-to-play system; every event participant should have the same opportunity as any other to work with other artists taking part.

Can I bring a friend?

Not as a model or photographer, unless they have already signed on as such. If you would like a chaperone or need someone to help with transport, this is no problem – but please provide their contact details as outlined above.

Can I shoot people during the event who are not registered to take part?

We’re not the photography police, and we can’t stop you – however we ask that you please focus on the event and its participants during the weekend. This keeps it fair to people who have registered on time and followed due process for the event. It also means that we know exactly who is taking part, and can identify anybody who is not meant to be there.

I don’t live in New Zealand! Can I still take part?

Unfortunately not – NZ’s border restrictions are likely to be in place for some time, and quarantine requirements play merry havoc with short term visitors. Under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be an issue, and we hope to welcome international participants again in future!

I missed registration for the next event! Is there a waitlist?

There is a waitlist – please contact the organisers to be added. Note that this is no guarantee of inclusion, although there are often people who need to drop out of the event we can’t predict when or if this will happen – and it may be last minute! 

Who’s organising this gig?

The central organising committee is half cosplayer, half photographer: Lance Davey/Luminarchy Photography, and Sylvie Kirkman/Little-Noise Photography/Static Cosplay. Contact the committee here.

Cosplay Photo Fest branding by Jess Woodward – thanks Jess!